How To Trust SpiritMost mediums and psychics do not exceed 50% accuracy. This means they are accurate at best 50% of the time. Trusting yourself with confidence creates contact with accurate information.

There are steps to be taken so you may be clear in what you receive and discern when you are and are not clear. These virtues increase your chance of being an accurate intuitive.

If you’re going to make a so called ‘mistake’, it is more productive to do so by going within and following your own intuition and a higher power rather than the voices of the outside world.

Every person alive meets the challenge of making choices and the result of your choice is reliant upon whether you choose from within yourself based on your own truth or choose based on another’s truth.

Ultimately, if we trust, are clear and discern the highest intuitive truth in each moment, we are doing the best we can, even if by the results it seems like we didn’t do the best we could have done.

The Anti AtomThe anti-atom has finally been trapped long enough by the CERN particle accelerator located in Northern Europe, so that scientists can begin studying it.

What's so special about this event?

When anti-matter and matter come in contact they completely annihilate each other, producing more energy than any other process we currently have.

Is Possession RealPossession or not, that is the question.

I hear more often than not, mediums and psychics talk about the possibility of being possessed if you don’t use a protective affirmation or prayer.

It’s amazing how humanity has come up with clever ways of instilling fear about our connection with spirit.

We really need to rise above the concepts of possession. It is an immutable universal law that only one spirit may possess one body and one time and that spirit is you.

What about bad energyHow many times have you heard someone say ‘that person has bad energy’?

Does bad or negative energy really exist?

No. Energy is simply vibes that you either are compatible with or not.

Just because you are not compatible with someone, another person may be best friends with them.

The idea of bad energy is our judgmental projection onto people, places and things.

Think about it.

We all disagree and there are people that disagree on so many things that they feel really uncomfortable or even pain from the other person’s presence.

How to Communicate Better With Your Child It can be frustrating for children to communicate their feelings to their parents, teachers or caretakers and have their feelings misunderstood. How many of us, adults, feel misunderstood.

We do our best to communicate our feelings clearly in a way that our partners, colleagues and friends can understand, but still there are many misunderstandings.

I wonder how my life would have been different if my parents spent enough time with me to be able to intuitively understand my needs and feelings.