Dalai Lama Steps DownDid the Dalai Lama, Spiritual Leader for the Tibetan people, actually state “rule by spiritual leaders, kings and rajas, is out of date . . . it must end?”

Yes he did. What does this mean?

He is clearly sending a message to the world that we are in a new paradigm, and by breaking the Tibetan Buddhism tradition, he is sending shockwaves through the world.

Padma Choling, the Chinese-appointed governor of Tibet, said

Revolution In EgyptThe state of affairs on the planet is boiling and popping, whether it is physically seen or unseen. We need to understand our relationship to the recent revolution in Egypt.

It is happening everywhere and the physical representation of what is happening everywhere as with Egypt and the global economic strain over the past few years are events to celebrate, as challenging as they are for many. Our purpose in life, as some believe, is to grow . . .evolve, and we have a catalyst on every level and dimension physically and spiritually to accomplish our universal purpose while physically living as souls in human form.

Mass Animal DeathIs the recent death of 3,000 blackbirds and 100,000 drum fish in America a sign of the end times? The American government reports that 163 such events are reported each year.

Is what we see today a precursor to the 2012 doom and gloom prophecies?

No. According to my spiritual guidance there are different reasons for mass animal deaths.

Whether it’s a mystery, disease, natural conditions or manmade causes, sometimes behind the apparent cause is the hand of a spiritual force.

North KoreaNorth Korea is raising the stakes with South Korea by threatening them with nuclear attack if the South conducts military exercises in questioned regions.

What should be done?

What does your intuition tell you about the situation?

Could we witness a nuclear attack in 2011?

Should we wipe out the North since we are the South’s ally or should we buy time?


The Anti AtomThe anti-atom has finally been trapped long enough by the CERN particle accelerator located in Northern Europe, so that scientists can begin studying it.

What's so special about this event?

When anti-matter and matter come in contact they completely annihilate each other, producing more energy than any other process we currently have.