Revolution In EgyptThe state of affairs on the planet is boiling and popping, whether it is physically seen or unseen. We need to understand our relationship to the recent revolution in Egypt.

It is happening everywhere and the physical representation of what is happening everywhere as with Egypt and the global economic strain over the past few years are events to celebrate, as challenging as they are for many. Our purpose in life, as some believe, is to grow . . .evolve, and we have a catalyst on every level and dimension physically and spiritually to accomplish our universal purpose while physically living as souls in human form.

With growth is challenge and sometimes suffering. Please celebrate your challenges and attempt to turn them into inspiring opportunities to grow into a clearer expression of your spiritual self. The revolution within us all right now is calling us to choose our soul’s purpose and live it. We are all being strained to let go of what is dispassionate and disempowering so that as empty vessels we may be filled with joy, passion and inspiration for life. Every time we surrender to our higher calling and let go of what is not supporting it, much as Egypt’s citizens did, we take one courageous step further into world peace.


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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#1 Mia 2011-02-20 15:06
Jason, this is a beautifully written article! So true and appropriate for where we are in the world today. Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing it.