Certification Training Programs with Jason Nelson offered by New Three University!

Would You Like to Join Us in a Safe, Loving Space to

Develop Your Soul Abilities?

What are your soul abilities?
They are your innate, natural spiritual powers that you and every person has within them.

They include: Spiritual Communication, Healing, Intuition and Manifestation.

Why does it benefit you to develop your soul abilities?
You’ll be a happier person, manifesting your life purpose, in harmonious relationships,
and living a life that nurtures your passions and who you are as a soul.

You are Trained in Every Course How to Help Yourself, and How to Help Others.
All Trainings Can Become a Professional Business.

This is the New Paradigm of Education.
You Receive a Very Grounded, Practical, Empowering Approach to Your Life and Spirituality!

Our Current Certification Training Programs


Mediumship and Spiritual Healing Certification

Directly Channel Spirit Guides, Deceased Loved Ones, Your Higher Power!

Feel the Love and Healing Energy!


Spiritual Coaching Certification

Heal Consciously and Subconsciously to Coach Yourself and Others!

Create Your Soul-Based, Love-Based Lifestyle!


Psychic Intuitive Certification

Prophecy, Past Lives, Visions to Manifest Goals

Use Your Intuitive Gifts to Guide Yourself and Others through all life areas!


All trainings are for Beginners, Advanced Students and Professionals.
No matter your previous experience, everyone takes big steps in every workshop. Become Certified for your own growth and development or you may also want to create a business around your certification and work with clients one-on-one. Our trainings are for personal development and professional ambitions.

In the workshops you get step-by-step techniques, support, healing and answers that you’ve been wanting to know. You are empowered to explore all topics on your heart and mind.


All trainings that take place through the University
I have co-created with Melissa Lilly and Spirit.

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